Embracing Earth Day for Your Brand’s Green Initiatives

Every year, Earth Day occurs on April 22, and countries worldwide join together to advocate for environmental preservation and protection. Though not everyone knows it, this holiday is more than just lip service — without Earth Day, we wouldn’t have the Environmental Protection Agency or environmental laws like the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act.

As the public becomes more conscious of green practices, businesses in every industry should also do their part to contribute to a better environment for future generations. Earth Day is the perfect time to demonstrate your company’s commitment to ethical business practices, like e-waste recycling and using renewable resources.

How Did Earth Day Get Started?

In 1969, junior senator Gaylord Nelson from Wisconsin said that he would like to teach college students about the perilous effects of pollution. Soon, Senator Nelson joined forces with an activist named Denis Hayes and Congressman Pete McCloskey to organize teach-ins across the United States, which would take place on April 22. As part of their campaign, the team let the world know that April 22 would be referred to as “Earth Day.”

Their teach-ins were not just educational — they were inspiring, leading 20 million Americans to protest against the impacts of industrial development and its negative effects on the environment’s health. 

How Businesses and Countries Are Acknowledging Earth Day

Earth Day has a different theme every year, and on January 12, the team at EarthDay.org (EDO) announced that the theme for 2022 is “Invest in Our Planet.” Simply put, this means that this year is all about focusing on environmental solutions that create a “prosperous green economy for all.”

EDO has also said that they hope for Earth Day 2022 to direct attention towards more sustainable energy sources and discontinuing the use of fossil fuels.

Ways for Your Business to Embrace Earth Day

When it comes to environmental awareness, your company can implement many different green initiatives to support conservation efforts. If your company is interested in getting involved on Earth Day, consider the following:

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