Electronics Recycling Myths Debunked


It’s always a good idea to recycle old electronics!

Waste electronics such as obsolete PCs, Macs, tablets, phones, and more are piling up, and landfills are not the best place for them.

Rare elements and metals found in most electronic devices are necessary for meeting the ever-increasing demand for cutting-edge technology but are harmful to the environment and human health.


Myths About Electronics Waste Recycling

Electronics recycling or repurposing old electronics is the obvious answer. However, there are many misconceptions about the practice that works against it. 


Landfills are so Massive that One or Two Electrical Cables and Appliances Won’t Make Any Harm

Even though the size of these vast ditches is mind-boggling to those who have seen a landfill in person, that doesn’t mean a few electronic devices here, and there won’t do any damage. The internal components of most modern electronics are the primary cause of concern when it comes to disposing of them in landfills.

Even small electronics can leak mercury and lead into the air and soil, causing environmental and health issues. Groundwater may become polluted.


Just Put Your Outdated Technology in a Drawer or a Box and Forget about It. There Will be No Harm

It’s easy to convince yourself that keeping your electronics at home is the best option, whether out of laziness or confusion about where they belong. After all, it’s better than throwing it away and less likely to end up in a developing country where it can do more damage.

The claim that putting away electronics won’t cause any damage isn’t entirely correct. The less frequently electronic devices are recycled for their valuable metals, plastics, and other materials, the better. It is common knowledge that electronics contain precious metals, gems, and other materials that are difficult or expensive to source in different contexts.


There are Too Many Identity Thieves to Make Recycling Safe

Electronics are especially vulnerable to data theft. That’s the truth. But that shouldn’t discourage you or your business from participating in a reputable recycling initiative.

If you take a few minutes after dropping off your device to delete any personal data, you can rest assured that it won’t be stolen. Data wiping can be accomplished with several different apps and a wide range of standalone software, rendering your information completely unrecoverable or at least unusable after it has been sent for recycling.

One reliable recycler also monitors its shredding process with video cameras. It provides certificates of destruction to ensure no private data is lost or stolen during recycling.


A Lot of it is Exported Instead of Recycled

The harmful export of electronic waste has been the subject of much writing and reporting, with much of it reiterating a single, resounding theme: fraud. It turns out that a lot of the electronic waste that is supposed to be recycled in the United States never makes it to a recycling facility. As an alternative, it is exported to faraway places like China and Africa.



While the myths debunked here may ease some concerns, navigating responsible electronics recycling can still feel daunting. That’s where First America comes in! We’re committed to demystifying the process and guiding you towards a positive impact.

Don’t let outdated electronics linger, posing potential harm. Partner with First America for a seamless and responsible recycling experience. We offer secure data wiping, ensure ethical processing, and recover valuable resources for a more sustainable future.

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Are tiny electronics like cables truly harmful in landfills?

Absolutely! Even small devices leak toxins like lead and mercury, polluting soil and water. Recycle them responsibly!

Is storing old electronics a safe alternative to recycling?

No, it delays resource recovery and boosts demand for virgin materials. Recycling recovers valuable resources like metals and plastics.

Does data security stop me from recycling electronics?

Not at all! Reputable recyclers offer data wiping to safeguard your information. Don’t let fear hold you back from responsible recycling!

Isn’t most e-waste just exported instead of recycled?

This is a myth! Responsible recyclers prioritize ethical processing and resource recovery within their facilities, not exporting your waste.

Where can I learn more about responsible electronics recycling?

First America is here to help! We offer secure and responsible recycling solutions. Contact us today for a greener future!