3 Environmental Nonprofits to Partner with for Your Green Initiatives

Across the globe, consumers are increasingly environmentally aware, and they want to support companies that align with their values. To meet this demand, companies are gradually shifting their priorities and implementing eco-friendly business practices. In many cases, this includes supporting environmental nonprofits.

Partnering with nonprofits is a powerful way to demonstrate your commitment to the environment while generating some positive PR. If you’re interested in working with environmental nonprofits and enacting a sustainable business model, the organizations and business practices below will support your company’s green initiatives.

Reputable Environmental Nonprofits

1. Environmental Defense Fund

The Environmental Defense Fund directs their efforts toward green initiatives that affect people worldwide, including sustainable fishing, reducing pollution, restoring ecosystems, and encouraging the use of clean energy. Their multidisciplinary approach enables them to address environmental issues efficiently. 

The Environmental Defense Fund currently has over three million members, and they also employ policy experts, scientists, and economists. Like most nonprofit organizations, the EDF obtains funding in the form of donations from members. By partnering with this group, you can show that your money is going toward sustainable practices and education.

2. Sierra Club Foundation

Out of the many environmental organizations in the US, the Sierra Club Foundation is one of the oldest. Since 1892, the Sierra Club Foundation has championed ecological protection and preservation. For instance, the Sierra Club has initiated the creation of several National Parks and helped pass the Clean Air and Endangered Species Acts. 

This organization continues to endure thanks to over three million volunteers and donors. To help connect with their audience, the Sierra Club also offers wilderness excursions that inspire people to enjoy nature. For example, people interested in becoming more environmentally conscious may go on outings to educate themselves about local wildlife.

3. Rocky Mountain Institute

The Rocky Mountain Institute is relatively new compared to the other organizations we’ve listed. However, they’ve made significant progress since their conception in 1982. The RMI is responsible for research that improved US fuel efficiency standards for trucks, poised to reduce CO2 emissions by over one billion tons. In addition, the RMI partnered with India’s government to implement a plan for the entire country to use electric vehicles by 2030. 

The Rocky Mountain Institute is also executing a five-year plan published in 2018 to transition to low-carbon energy. Ultimately, the RMI plans to assist governments and businesses worldwide as they switch to clean energy to reduce global warming within the next five years.

Other Great Ways to Go Green

Working with nonprofits is a great way to kick off green initiatives, but it’s also important to demonstrate environmentally-conscious practices internally. If you’re interested in going green this year, consider the following strategies to reduce your carbon footprint.

  • Use an alternative energy source. Most companies use energy generated from burning fossil fuels. However, there are renewable energy sources available, including wind, geothermal, hydropower, and solar. The most popular alternative energy source is solar power. After the initial investment of installing your new system, you will reduce your energy bill month after month, along with your carbon footprint.
  • Work with an e-waste recycling company. Electronic waste, also known as e-waste, is the most rapidly growing source of pollution worldwide. When old computers, printers, cell phones, and other electronic devices wind up in landfills, these toxic chemicals leach into the environment. To reduce pollution, partner with a certified e-waste recycling company that will ensure that your company’s sensitive information is fully wiped from your devices and that your e-waste is disposed of in an environmentally compliant manner.
  • Use sustainable materials. Eco-friendly, sustainable products are those that companies create with environmentally-conscious practices. This may include manufacturers that use renewable energy or recycled plastics. You can also ensure that products throughout your office are made with non-toxic, recyclable materials to cultivate an eco-friendly corporate culture.

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