FAMCe to Attend The Battery Show and Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo of North America

Once thought to be nothing more than a pipe dream, electric cars will soon become the de facto option for anyone with a vehicle. Hot on the heels of California’s 2035 gas-powered vehicle ban, more states are exploring the possibility of shifting their attention to electric cars. 

Due to the efficiency of electric vehicles and the sophisticated battery management systems that guard long-term health, many electric vehicles are still on the road today. However, with an EV-powered future, what will we do with all those batteries when they can no longer power our vehicles? 

On September 13 to 15th, the Battery Show of America will explore this question in Novi, Michigan, at the Suburban Collection Showplace. 

Battery Disposal and Recycling

The safe disposal and recycling of batteries have been a significant focus in the automotive world as more and more carmakers move towards an EV-powered future. FAMCe, which will be located at Booth #3025 on the event’s exhibition floor, brings over 30 years of experience as a world leader in metal and electronic recycling. 

The transportation, resale, breakdown, and disposal of batteries and other electronic devices present numerous environmental and liability concerns. However, leaders like FAMCe, are coming together to turn this complex question into an efficient system that fully utilizes the benefits of battery disposal and recycling.

The Battery Show and Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Expo

The Battery Show is North America’s largest battery and electric vehicle technology trade show, bringing together engineers, business leaders, top-industry companies, and innovators. The event showcases ground-breaking products and solutions for the future of battery technology. The show’s exhibits include battery technology from the transportation, stationary, portable, and industrial sectors.

With over 750 suppliers in attendance, the event features over 150 speakers and more than 72 hours of available educational programming for the show’s 10,000 attendees. Conference registrants can opt to access the show’s four tracks of technical education and view on-demand conference content following the events. These streams will be available at the Battery Show and EV Tech Expo Conference. The live demonstrations by suppliers on the exhibition floor. 

The show will also be attended by major carmakers, including BMW, Toyota, and Tesla, and leading battery manufacturers like Duracell, Interstate Batteries, and East Penn Manufacturing. 

You can learn more about the show and register to attend at https://www.thebatteryshow.com/en/home.html

About FAMCe

Headquartered in Chicago, First America Metal Corporation has been a world leader in electronics and metal scrap recycling and non-ferrous export for over 15 years. Our team has over 30 years of experience in reusing and recycling metal commodities, and we are known as one of the top five metal exporters in the entire Midwest.

FAMCe specializes in creating innovative, greener solutions for businesses or individuals who want transparent and environmentally-friendly methods of reusing and recycling electronic scrap, high-temperature alloys, and non-ferrous scrap. Our level of expertise, unparalleled customer service, and aggressive pricing make FAMCe the leading option for almost any recycling need.

Learn more and get in touch with us at https://www.famce.net/

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