Four Trends for Hybrid Offices in 2022

The future may not be as remote as we once thought, but it does seem that in-person and WFH are giving way to hybrid offices. A hybrid office or workplace is best described as a flexible workplace that supports a decentralized workforce. Employees may work from the office or at home but come together when significant events occur. Hybrid organizations may also support some employees working fully remotely. 

The trend for hybrid offices comes with many benefits, especially for the employee-employer relationship. However, employers should consider four major 2022 trends when creating a thriving hybrid office environment. 

1: Increased security

In a hybrid office environment, increased security is essential to protect data and keep information safe. With more people working remotely, there is a greater need for security measures to be in place to prevent cyberattacks and other threats. Several steps can be taken to increase security in a hybrid office, including:

  • Using a VPN: A VPN can help to encrypt data and keep it safe from being accessed by unauthorized individuals.
  • Implementing multi-factor authentication: Multi-Factor authentication can ensure that only authorized users can access data and organizational systems.
  • Training employees on security procedures: All employees must be aware of the importance of security and know how to follow proper procedures to reduce organizational threats.

By taking these steps, you can help to increase security in a hybrid office and keep data safe.

2: Investment for Remote Work 

As mentioned in a previous blog, providing IT equipment for remote workers has certain benefits and drawbacks. However, even if you aren’t giving hardware to your employees, you still have to invest in those working remotely.

The employee investment can take the form of installing employee firewall protection and integrating a closed-loop security method for data safety. Additionally, employees can download time-tracking software to ensure they stay on schedule throughout the day. 

Another method of remote employee investment is establishing a set of standard operating procedures. Documenting processes, understanding organizational hierarchy, and maintaining quality standards are vital to helping remote employees succeed and helping a hybrid office thrive. 

3: Investment in New Technology

One thing is abundantly clear for hybrid-forward organizations: they must modernize, or their organization will not succeed. Businesses have adopted a wave of basic tools like Zoom, Slack, and Google Suite to keep people connected during the pandemic. Still, certain barriers limit growth in hybrid offices.

Without centralized collaboration and mixed employee proficiency, silos are created within organizations that stifle business innovation. However, companies have found that certain technological implementations can increase productivity while allowing employees to work in a hybrid environment. 

Asynchronous Tools

Asynchronous communication can work if it’s done correctly. Combined with those mentioned above, project management tools like Asana can help organizations stay on track without having to communicate directly at all times. Other tools, like Google Calendar, can help team members communicate effectively about their availability and any upcoming events. 

New Hardware

Another way to stay on track is to invest in new hardware for your employees. To succeed in a hybrid environment, organizations need to invest in audio and video hardware that makes calls and meetings easier to navigate. Quality cameras, speakers, microphones, lights, and even a central computer can turn your conference room from a poorly-lit meeting area into an essential component of team collaboration. 

Furthermore, providing employees with the same equipment, like monitors and laptops, can keep your entire organization operating safely and efficiently. If everyone has an identical computer with the same pre-loaded software, it’s much easier to resolve issues when they arise. 

Recycling Equipment

When installing new hardware, many organization leaders have the impulse just to get rid of the old equipment in a landfill. However, this increases the threat to organizational security and eliminates potential value. Organizations like FAMCe can ensure your equipment is disposed of properly, eliminating security threats and putting money back into your organization. 

New equipment is a significant investment, but electronic recycling can help you maximize potential value and minimize the losses during your transition period. 

4: More Hybrid Events 

Hybrid events are important for businesses because they unite in-person and remote attendees. Although many organizations look at hybrid get-togethers for the potential to maximize profit for outward-facing events, internal events are just as important. 

Building rapport between employees is essential in an asynchronous environment. Trust-building exercises, games, and even speeches can help strengthen authentic professional relationships and help your organization grow in the new normal of work culture. For 2022, expect hybrid events to increase internally for distributed employees.

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