Why to Choose ITAD Companies with Commodity Processing Capabilities

With the rapid advancement of technology, many companies find themselves updating their electronic equipment frequently. Is it time for your business to upgrade? You may be wondering what you should do with your old IT equipment so it doesn’t end up tossed in the dumpster or occupying space in your office’s spare closet. If this sounds like your situation, working with a certified ITAD provider will help you get rid of old equipment in a manner that’s safe, efficient, and economical.

ITAD services (short for “IT Asset Disposition”) ensure that your company’s data and reputation are protected throughout the disposal process. But some offer more value than others by pairing certified data destruction with additional services like commodities processing.

So when it comes time for you to choose a partner for your e-waste disposal, what can ITAD do for you, and why should you choose a company with commodity processing capabilities?

What Do ITAD Companies Do?

Put simply, IT Asset Disposition is the process of safely disposing of electronic assets and other hardware. Without the support of an ITAD servicer, getting rid of your e-waste can be riddled with pitfalls. For example, simply throwing away old electronics can leave your business vulnerable to data breaches, make you complicit in environmental damage, and invite PR disasters on both fronts.

Fortunately, certified ITAD providers possess the expertise necessary to mitigate these potential disasters, protecting your company’s privacy with complete data destruction while disposing of all electronic devices in an environmentally compliant way. 

Benefits of Working with ITAD Companies

Wondering if ITAD services are worth it? Consider the wide range of benefits ITAD companies have to offer.   

1. Ensures Data Security

Out of all the benefits of ITAD, data security is one of the most important reasons to work with a certified ITAD team. Even after you click the “delete” button on a company computer, laptop, or other electronics, highly sensitive data remains deep inside the device. If your devices are disposed of carelessly or end up in a landfill, your company’s data can easily fall into the wrong hands. But when working with a certified ITAD provider, they will ensure that all of your data is completely eradicated from old devices.

2. Environmental Benefits

Electronic waste is a global issue that is growing by the day. Tech companies continue to produce more products every year, which leaves consumers scrambling to buy more. However, most of these products are never properly recycled. A certified ITAD provider will ensure that all of your outdated products are disposed of in an environmentally compliant and safe way. So not only can ITAD providers protect your vulnerable data, but they can also help reduce your company’s environmental footprint.

3. Corporate and Regulatory Compliance

Does your team have time to research and ensure that your e-waste disposal complies with local regulations — which can vary from state to state? A trustworthy ITAD provider already has the necessary licensing and certifications to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Don’t risk incurring personal loss, penalties, or a damaged reputation. A reputable ITAD provider will make sure that your company follows the necessary standards.

4. Ease and Peace of Mind

Done right, decommissioning old electronics can be a labor-intensive process. Let your team focus their attention on more important duties! When your electronic assets are at the end of their useful life, ITAD servicers can streamline the process of gathering, recycling, and replacing your devices, tackling these tasks, so you don’t have to.

5. Allows You to Salvage Any Remaining Value

Many electronic devices are expensive, and throwing away old electronics can feel like burning money. However, forming a partnership with an ITAD provider can earn your company money back on those end-of-life devices. In many cases, outdated IT equipment retains a portion of its value, and ITAD servicers can help you resell your electronics after they’ve been safely wiped of any data or asset identification. This helps your company defray expenses and maybe even put some money towards your new devices. To get the most value out of your e-waste, though, look for ITAD companies with an extra offering: commodity processing.

Pairing ITAD with Commodity Processing

When electronic recycling companies receive your items, they do not simply wipe the hard drive then destroy the entire device at once. Each material that went into making your equipment — referred to as “commodities” — must be sorted and processed appropriately. So when ITAD providers receive a device that cannot be refurbished and resold, they will extract all valuable parts and materials from the device for recycling.

In electronics, there may be more valuable resources than you think. Steel, copper, aluminum, gold, and silver are often used to manufacture electronic components and may be hiding deep within your company’s old computers and mobile devices. In fact, if you were to recycle a million cell phones, you’d be able to recover:

  • 35,274 pounds of copper
  • 772 pounds of silver
  • 75 pounds of gold
  • 33 pounds of palladium

By preserving and reusing these limited resources, we can manufacture new devices while saving money and reducing environmental impact.

ITAD servicers that offer commodity processing can work to accurately process each piece of an electronic device, ensuring that your e-waste is being disposed of properly. At First America Metal Corp. (FAMCe), our certified electronic waste recyclers can easily handle asset disposition and commodity processing, so you get the most value out of your end-of-life electronics.

Recycle Electronics the Right Way with FAMCe

Disposing of your electronics can seem like a hassle. Luckily, there are certified, reputable recyclers that will dispose of your company’s electronic devices the right way — implementing both ITAD services and commodity processing. So when it’s time to get rid of your old electronics, choose a partner you can rely on.

First America Metal Corp. (FAMCe) has over 30 years of experience helping businesses safely and responsibly recycle their outdated devices. Our high level of expertise and exceptional customer service have built our reputation as an industry leader, and we are committed to exceeding each client’s needs and expectations.

Want to recycle your old devices with confidence? Contact FAMCe today for e-waste disposal that’s ethical and secure.

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