4 Ways to Keep Your Employees More Engaged

Many people believe that employee engagement is simply whether or not someone enjoys their job, but it is so much more than that. Employee engagement has a profound effect on every aspect of a company. When employees are committed to an organization and its success, it directly impacts their motivation and their willingness to collaborate. This, in turn, improves the quality of their work, adding to the long-term success of the company. 

When employees are engaged with their work, the entire organization becomes a positive, productive environment. Consider implementing the following business practices to enhance employee engagement throughout your organization.

1. Create a Culture of Communication

Teams that allow honest and transparent communication between company leaders and employees experience the benefits of an engaged workforce. Open communication fosters a deepened sense of trust and respect. When employees have the freedom to express their ideas, opinions, and concerns, companies give them the message that their self-expression is important.

If your company suffers from underdeveloped internal communication, it is essential that leaders make the effort to create a healthy organizational culture. When information does not flow properly, it will gradually create a work environment that is dysfunctional. To improve culture within your company, utilize platforms to enhance internal communication and listen closely to employee concerns.

2. Ensure that Modern Technology Is Accessible

Today’s workplaces employ many Gen Z and millennials, and these digital natives expect access to the most advanced technologies that are currently available. More than ever before, businesses rely on technology to stay competitive, so employees need technology that allows them to complete tasks with efficiency. 

If your workplace is remote, advanced electronics complete with cloud-based technology allow employees and clients to connect regardless of distance. However, when you are updating your systems, ensure that you partner with a certified e-waste recycler who will assist you throughout the process of decommissioning and recycling any outdated IT assets that are being replaced.

3. Encourage Volunteering and Social Initiatives

The University of Georgia found that employee volunteering is closely linked to increased workplace productivity. When employees have the opportunity to partake in volunteering and social initiatives, it strengthens the connection between team members and connects employees’ daily work to your organization’s mission. Employee volunteerism initiatives are a wonderful benefit to support recruiting efforts and boost staff morale.  

Nowadays, staffmembers are also interested in working for companies that have eco-friendly values. There are a wide variety of ways that your company can demonstrate its commitment to sustainability, such as e-waste recycling, using sustainable energy sources, and reducing your carbon emissions.  

4. Offer Employee Incentives

Globally, over fifty percent of organizations find it challenging to retain their best employees. Recent studies show that the average employee stays with their company for about four and a half years. However, such a high turnover rate costs businesses of all sizes large amounts of money every year.

Studies from the Gensis Associates show that 85% of employees feel more motivated to do their work when they have the benefits of an incentive. With the right incentives, you can cultivate a strong workplace culture and increase employee engagement. Incentives can even boost performance, productivity, and job satisfaction. As such, many companies choose to offer incentives in the form of health and wellness incentives, tuition reimbursement, or even fun gifts.

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