How to Recycle Old Computers From Your Business

Today, all businesses have at least a few computers in the office. Whether you operate a corporate office with hundreds of devices or a small business with a few laptops, your computers will inevitably need replacing. Unlike other business items, which can simply be thrown out or dropped into a preset recycling bin, there are right and wrong ways to recycle old computers. 

Why Is It Important to Recycle Old Computers? 

There are several reasons why recycling old computers is a good decision. Aside from making room for new devices, properly disposing of your business’s unused computers can help your company’s sustainability rating and reputation. Disposing of old IT assets is critical to any organization’s sustainability plan. Recycling old electronics saves space in junkyards, avoids toxic pollution, and recovers many components and materials that don’t need to be mined from the earth to create new electronics. 

A less apparent reason to recycle old computers is data security. Even when you delete files, discarded hard drives can be used by hackers to obtain sensitive information. Proper computer recycling includes data destruction, saving your company from these risks.

Even without these considerations, how to handle old electronics is legislated on state, federal, and international levels. So, in addition to losing money and opportunities, companies that don’t recycle old computers can run afoul of the EPA or other governing bodies. 

What Parts of a Computer Are Recyclable?

While each type of electronic device is different, virtually all computers contain various valuable recyclable parts. Outer metal and plastic casings can obviously be recycled into new materials, but even sensitive electronic components can be broken down into their constituent materials. These materials can include gold, silver, copper, palladium, and more.  

Device Trade-In Programs and the ITAD

There are many options for who to go to for help recycling our old computers. Some, like Apple’s trade-in program, offer consumers credit towards a new device in return for old phones, computers, and tablets. While options like these may be an acceptable solution for your personal cellphone, any business device requires a more dedicated solution. 

For organizations (or anyone else) looking for a larger-scale way to recycle old computers, the best options are often available through the ITAD market. IT Asset Disposition, or ITAD, is often the best option for large businesses. Rather than having to handle your recycling in-house, ITAD is done by working with an expert recycling partner. 

Working With FAMCe

FAMCe is a leading provider of data destruction services, offering a wide range of IT disposal solutions designed to meet our clients’ unique needs. We specialize in secure, innovative electronics recycling services for businesses that need to safely dispose of electronic scrap, high-temperature alloys, and non-ferrous scrap. Our level of expertise, unparalleled customer service, and aggressive pricing make FAMCe the leading option for almost any recycling need.
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