How Metal Recycling Can Save Money and Help the Planet

If your company generates any sort of metal scrap, it’s entirely likely that you’re throwing away valuable assets every day. Aside from all of recycling’s ecological benefits, metal recycling can also save money for your business. Even seemingly insignificant byproducts, such as metal shavings, like swarf, can offset some of your company’s operating costs and make a difference for the plant at the same time.  

How Does Metal Recycling Work? 

There are several steps involved in proper metal recycling. While the fundamentals are simple, turning old metal scraps into environmentally-friendly new materials requires expert handling and processing. 

The first step towards recycling is sorting your scrap by metal type and purity. Interestingly enough, this is where some companies miss out on potential. Ferrous and nonferrous metals, for example, have different properties. While this can be inconvenient if you deal with multiple types of metal, you can often get the best rates and results by working with a specialist for a particular type of material instead of just dropping it all off with a general recycler. 

After being sorted and brought to the correct experts, the different metal parts are broken down into smaller pieces, and all non-metallic components – such as plastic and glass – can be discarded. The separated metal scrap is then melted down and refined before being shaped into cubes or sheets of new material that can be sold. 

The best metal recycling companies will even pick up and sort your scrap for you, further simplifying the process. Despite offering comprehensive, end-to-end services, industry leaders also have wide-ranging connections across the industry. Because of this, you will always be able to find the best rates for your scrap, regardless of the state of the overall market. 

How Can Your Business Save Money with Metal Recycling?

In spite of the specialized needs of metal recycling, turning your nonferrous scrap into savings is quite simple. Because the recycled material can be sold, all you need to do is find a recycling partner who can convert your old material into new, marketable metal at an affordable price. 

As expensive as waste disposal can be in general, metal scrap leaves you with more options. Consulting with a qualified recycling partner can help you find the most cost-effective way to offload your unused metal and electronics in a way that positively impacts the planet. 

Working With a Metal Recycling Expert

Whether you’re looking to save money with your scrap metal or outdated equipment and computers, recycling experts are an invaluable resource. Working with the right ITAD partner can ensure that all of your electronics and metal components are properly disposed of. 

Not only does this ensure that scrap, electronic devices, and other metal items are reused or recycled in a safe, efficient manner, but it also provides opportunities for a monetary return, as the components extracted from these devices can have significant value on the scrap and ITAD markets. 

First America

First America Metal Corporation (FAMCe) is an R2v3-certified leader in nonferrous metal recycling, ITAD, electronic recycling, and data destruction services. We offer a wide range of recycling solutions designed to meet our clients’ unique needs in a safe and eco-friendly manner. 

We specialize in secure, innovative electronics recycling services for businesses that need to safely dispose of electronic scrap, high-temperature alloys, and nonferrous scrap. Our level of expertise, unparalleled customer service, and aggressive pricing make First America the leading option for almost any recycling need. 

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