Why Evaluate and Update IT Assets Before Your Office Reopens

It’s been over two years since the pandemic began. In 2020, companies of all sizes transformed their operations to stay in business with limited face-to-face interaction. Although offices closed and employees worked remotely, the world is slowly opening up again. Whether you rejoice about returning to the office or would prefer to work remotely, it’s in your best interest to be prepared for a change.

However, reopening the office may not be as simple as switching the lights on and dusting off the desks. Before your office reopens, you may want to assess the current state of your IT equipment for a number of reasons.


Before letting the staff return, take the time to assess your IT equipment. At this point, some of your electronics may have been untouched for years, simply sitting quietly in your abandoned premises. As such, you will need to assess whether or not they are working properly and if they are safe for people to use. Check for signs of damage such as frayed wires, nearby leaks, or dust build-up around vents and fans.

Check all electronics from laptops and computers to printers, televisions, servers, and any other equipment that people use on a regular basis. If any devices appear to be unusable, dispose of these unwanted items by recycling them with a reputable e-waste recycling company.


When was the last time you upgraded your IT equipment? Research states that companies should upgrade their IT assets every five years. If it has been a while since you invested in new IT equipment, consider taking action now. Evaluate where each asset is in the product lifecycle, perform a health check, and decide which items are ready to be recycled. If your technology is due for an upgrade, now is the perfect time to upgrade your company’s IT infrastructure before staff return to the office.

Employee Training

After deciding which IT assets should be recycled, consider your employees. After two years without having to wrangle the office copier, they may need a refresher course on using some of your electronics.

Furthermore, when the pandemic began in 2020, unemployment rose higher than it was during the Great Recession. Consequently, you may have experienced some changes in staffing over the past two years. If this is the case, new employees may benefit from employee training to acclimate to your in-office processes and equipment.

Finally, if you’re planning IT upgrades, employees who are not tech-savvy may desire training for any new devices you’re planning to utilize. Consult your employees to see who requires IT training and who is comfortable with the current pace of technology.

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