What Your Company Needs to Know About Chicago Recycling

Recycling plays a vital role in preserving our environment and conserving valuable resources. In bustling cities like Chicago, recycling initiatives have taken center stage in promoting sustainability and creating a greener future. If your business is based or operates in the Windy City, Chicago recycling laws could impact a number of areas, such as metal recycling and IT asset disposition

Recycling Laws in Illinois

When creating a recycling plan for your company, it’s always important to start by getting to know the laws that will impact you. Recycling laws vary greatly, and for companies coming up with Chicago recycling plans, that starts with state laws. Illinois has implemented several specific metal and electronic recycling laws that differentiate it from other states. These laws align with local Chicago recycling efforts to promote recycling and sustainability.

Metal Recycling

Illinois has fairly stringent regulations in place to ensure proper metal recycling practices. Scrap metal processing and recycling licenses require reporting and compliance above federal minimums. For example, scrap metal facilities are required to maintain records of all transactions, including seller identification and item details. This helps prevent the theft and illegal trade of metal materials. 

Electronics Recycling 

On the electronics side, Illinois has several recycling laws that address the unique challenges associated with e-waste. The state mandates that residents and businesses must recycle their electronic devices through approved recycling programs. Likewise, it’s illegal for businesses or individuals to dispose of electronic waste in regular trash bins. The state also encourages the establishment of collection points and drop-off locations for electronic items to facilitate responsible disposal. 

The laws are even stricter for companies that produce electronics. Illinois follows the principle of extended producer responsibility (EPR) for electronics. Laws like these are aimed at encouraging manufacturers to design products with recycling in mind and take responsibility for their end-of-life management. 

Practically, this means that manufacturers are responsible for the proper recycling and disposal of the electronic products they produce. To enforce this, all manufacturers are required to register with the state and meet specific recycling targets for their products. 

The Current State of Chicago Recycling

On the local level, the city of Chicago is committed to its recycling efforts, with a strong emphasis on waste reduction and resource recovery. Currently, the city boasts impressive recycling statistics, reflecting its dedication to a cleaner environment. Despite this success, Chicago recycling still faces its share of environmental and sustainability challenges. 

Commercial Recycling Programs

Businesses are a major consideration in Chicago’s recycling goals. For instance, the city’s Commercial Recycling Program mandates recycling requirements for businesses, encouraging them to implement recycling practices within their operations. 

The city takes an active role in promoting this involvement. Chicago provides resources and assistance to help businesses establish effective ESG policies, enabling them to reduce waste and promote sustainability. 

Hazardous Waste Recycling

Proper disposal of hazardous materials is critical to protecting the environment and human health. Chicago takes this responsibility seriously and provides information on how to safely dispose of hazardous waste. 

The city’s hazardous waste recycling facilities ensure that hazardous materials are handled and processed in a way that minimizes their impact on the environment. Even if your company doesn’t deal with things like electric car batteries or radioactive metal, many industrial processes involve materials classified as hazardous. 

Chicago Recycling Partners

Working with a qualified, certified partner is essential to staying on the right side of Chicago recycling laws. Whether your company deals with metal or electronics, working with the right ITAD partner can guarantee that all of your electronics and metal components are properly disposed of. 

Not only does this ensure that scrap, electronic devices, and other metal items are reused or recycled in a safe, efficient manner, but it can also save your company money, as the components extracted from these devices can have significant value on the scrap and ITAD markets. 

First America Metal Corporation

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