Why is Aluminum Called “Green Metal”?

While you may have heard the term “Green Metal” used before, you may not have the correct assumption about what it’s referring to. While some metals, such as copper and copper alloys, can take on a greenish appearance over time, these are actually red metals. In manufacturing and recycling, green metal refers to aluminum because of its relatively low environmental impact. 

What Makes Aluminum a Green Metal?

Green metal refers to the material’s environmentally friendly nature. Aluminum is a green metal because of the low carbon emissions produced during its creation. According to the International Aluminum Institute, more than 95% of the aluminum produced in North America in 2021 was made using hydropower. 

The greatest reason for aluminum’s low carbon footprint is actually not the sustainable energy used in its creation. Instead, aluminum is even greener than other materials produced with renewable power because of its virtually endless recyclability. The Aluminum Association reports that approximately 90% of the aluminum produced in the United States is recycled. This is monumental, considering that recycled aluminum only requires 5% of the energy that new aluminum needs. 

Common Uses for Aluminum

While its sustainability benefits are considerable, going green is not the only reason to use aluminum. Green metal has several characteristics that make it desirable in the automotive, aeronautical, and construction industries, as well as many others. 

The most notable benefits of aluminum are its light weight, malleability, and corrosion resistance. Because of these characteristics, when used in cars and other vehicles, aluminum can reduce mass when compared to steel. This, in turn, can reduce the amount of fuel needed to power them, further increasing the green impact of aluminum. 

Green Metal Recycling

Whatever industry you work in, a recycling plan is essential to your company’s overall ESG success. Working with a recycling expert can help you develop a green metal recycling plan for all of your scrap aluminum and other metals. This, combined with a comprehensive IT Asset Disposition plan, can ensure that your organization operates sustainably. 

In addition to the environmental benefits, having a metal recycling plan can also help your company save money. Because of its high level of recyclability, scrap aluminum has a relatively high market value, so recycling it rather than throwing it out can recoup some of your costs. The right partner can handle all your metal and electronic scrap for a complete, efficient green metal and e-waste solution. 

Get the Most out of Your Green Metal with First America 

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